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Riaar Plastics Limited Fined £50,000 After Legionnaires’ Outbreak from Cooling Towers

Riaar Plastics Limited, a West Bromwich-based plastics firm, has recently been slapped with a £50,000 fine following an outbreak of life-threatening Legionnaires’ disease. Five individuals contracted the illness after being exposed to the company’s poorly maintained water cooling towers. This incident, deemed the worst encountered by Principal HSE inspector Jenny Skeldon, led to one person requiring intensive care in September 2020. The inadequate condition of the towers allowed the Legionella bacteria to thrive, endangering employees and the general public. Riaar Plastics Limited admitted to breaching health and safety regulations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, resulting in both the fine and additional costs. While all affected individuals have since recovered, this case highlights the critical importance of proactive Legionella bacteria risk management.

The Severity of the Outbreak

Riaar Plastics Limited’s cooling towers at the Black Lake site were found to be in an appalling state, as confirmed by Principal HSE inspector Jenny Skeldon. The deplorable conditions within the towers and pipes facilitated the growth of Legionella bacteria, exposing employees, site visitors, neighboring duty holders, and members of the public to significant health risks. Legionnaires’ disease, a serious condition, is contracted when individuals inhale small droplets of water containing the Legionella bacteria.

Ms. Skeldon expressed her shock at the severity of the situation, stating, “The condition of the cooling towers at this site was the worst I had ever seen. The Legionella exposure risk to employees, site visitors, neighboring duty holders, and members of the public was extreme in nature. Exposure to Legionella can cause death or serious illness where water cooling systems are not managed effectively. It is really important that proactive management of the risk from Legionella bacteria is taken seriously.”

Legal Consequences and Costs

Riaar Plastics Limited pleaded guilty to breaching Section 2(1) and 3(1) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 during the court proceedings at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court. In addition to the £50,000 fine, the company was also ordered to pay £11,000 in costs. This verdict serves as a reminder that neglecting health and safety obligations can have significant financial repercussions for businesses.

Recovery and Lessons Learned

Fortunately, all individuals who fell ill from Legionnaires’ disease have made a full recovery, according to the HSE. However, one person required an intensive care stay lasting two weeks before being discharged. This incident underscores the potential dangers of inadequate water cooling system management and the need for swift action to prevent the proliferation of Legionella bacteria.


The outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease caused by Riaar Plastics Limited’s poorly maintained cooling towers serves as a stark reminder of the importance of meticulous risk management. This case highlights the severe consequences that can arise from negligence in ensuring the safety of employees and the public. With an emphasis on proactive measures, businesses must prioritize the effective management of Legionella bacteria to prevent life-threatening illnesses and potential legal ramifications. By learning from this incident, we can work towards a future where such outbreaks are prevented, ensuring the well-being of all those exposed to cooling tower systems.


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