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At Legionella and Fire Safe Services (LFS) we provide professional, reliable, and cost-effective water tank cleaning services for everything from small domestic tanks up to large, complex commercial systems.

We know how important maintaining a clean water tank is to not only those in charge of the building but for the health, safety, and wellbeing of those who visit, work, or reside within it.

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Water Tank Cleaning - Legionella Compliance

 Water Tank Cleaning: The left image shows sediment and biofilm in the water tank, the right image is after cleaning.

Cold Water Storage Tanks

Cold water storage tanks can commonly be found in houses, residential homes, offices, schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, factories, industrial properties, leisure centres, and many more.

They are used to store a large amount of water that is then used to supply the building and the tank is then replenished at a steady rate from the mains water supply.

They can be used to store water for hot and cold taps as well as drinking water, car washing, factory production, toilet flushing, water heating systems, and various other applications.

Water tanks can pose significant health risks when not properly managed.

Water is a carrier of various bacteria that poses significant health risks when not properly managed. Maintaining clean water tanks is a crucial aspect of any water hygiene regime … here are the reasons why:

Eliminating Legionella Habitat

Legionella bacteria thrive on nutrients, which accumulate over time in tanks containing silt, scale, and sediment. These substances act as a nutrient source for bacteria like Legionella. Without proper screens, tanks can also become contaminated with organic matter such as leaves or rodents. Cold water storage tanks, often overlooked, may become breeding grounds for bacteria if not regularly inspected and cleaned. 

Preventing Water Stagnation

Stagnant water provides an ideal environment for the growth of Legionella bacteria. Scale accumulation can trap nutrients and form a biofilm that acts as a barrier to disinfectants. Draining and physically cleaning water tanks are essential steps in removing scale, sludge, and biofilm, reducing the risk of bacterial growth.

Ensuring Legal Compliance

Legal obligations surround the inspection, cleaning, and disinfection of water tanks, along with the maintenance of detailed records of these activities. Proper record-keeping demonstrates compliance with preventive measures against Legionnaires' disease. At LFS our water tank cleaning and disinfection services are conducted by in-house, fully trained professionals.

For our water hygiene contracts, regular inspections of cold-water storage tanks are included. The information, including photos, is meticulously documented in a compliance logbook, provided free of charge with all contracts. This logbook offers easy access to comprehensive information about the condition of your cold-water storage tanks, ensuring transparency and accountability.

How Do I Know If My Water Tank Needs Cleaning?

There is no definitive timeframe on how often water tanks should be cleaned and the frequency will vary. However, there are certain things that if they occur will require the tank to be cleaned including;

  • The installation of a new water system or the refurbishment of hot and cold-water system
  • New components installed to the water system
  • When the system has not been used for long periods of time and has not been flushed
  • When a routine inspection of the tanks identifies visible evidence of contamination or stagnation
  • If the system has been entered for maintenance purposes or significantly altered
  • When water samples taken from the system show evidence of microbial contamination
  • In the event of an outbreak of legionnaires disease that is traced back to the system
  • When a risk assessment indicates that a tank clean is necessary

It is important for the maintenance of your water tank that you maintain the right level of pH for disinfection to ensure water is kept clean and to prevent build-up that can risk the growth of Legionella.

L8 the Approved Code of Practice & Guidance for the Control of Legionella bacteria in water systems provides guidance on the different levels of contamination and how soon this needs to be rectified. It is a legal responsibility to keep on top of this and keep records of testing and tank cleaning.


Our process begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your facility, identifying potential risks and offering tailored solutions grounded in relevant industry expertise.


Following the identification of potential risks, our team implements control measures meticulously designed to secure your facility against any legionella threats.


We believe in empowering our clients with knowledge. Our team will ensure you are not just compliant, but knowledgeable about the standards that govern your industry.


Beyond assessments and guidance, we ensure you fully grasp your responsibilities, fostering a culture of proactive safety and compliance within your organisation.


Our job isn't finished once the assessment is completed. We undertake a rigorous review process, ensuring every angle is covered and every potential risk mitigated.

Why use Legionella & Fire Safe for your water hygiene needs?

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With over 35 years of experience in the water industry, our knowledge and guidance is hard to beat. We have worked across all business sizes and fully understand how to supply services to any company that requires them.

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All our staff have been trained to deliver highly professional services and as a company we keep abreast of all industry updates through relevant accreditations.

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We offer a national UK services, meaning we can deliver the highest level of service, quickly and efferently to all our customers.

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Here at Legionella & Fire Safe we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality support and assistance to all our customers.

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