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Alongside Legionella Risk Assessments, we provide all aspects of Legionella compliance.

We are one of the UK’s most trusted legionella compliance companies. Our trained and experienced teams will carry out a complete and comprehensive legionella assessment on every kind of property.

You can rely on our competent field teams to carry out a Legionella Risk Assessment in a thorough and timely manner.


Alongside Legionella Risk Assessments, we provide all aspects of Legionella compliance. Legionella and Fire Safe Services has a highly-skilled team of corporately-trained technicians, led by a senior management team with over 35 years of water industry experience. You can trust us to deliver high-quality service, backed by an assurance that we will always give you the best, and most transparent advice. So, your premises will stay Legionella-free and safe for your staff, customers, and the wider public.

The starting point of any Legionella and Fire Safe compliance programme, our trained and experienced team carries out Legionella Risk Assessments on every kind of property. You can rely on us to act as your competent person, as defined by the HSE, to carry out Legionella Risk Assessments in a thorough and timely manner. “Compliance You Can Trust”

Legionella  and Fire Safe can manage all your water sampling and testing needs, whether they are limited in scope, or require a national programme across multiple properties requiring detailed chemical analysis. We work with you to ensure the right sampling system is in place to give your complete assurance and full legal compliance.

We deliver bespoke Legionella Safe monitoring packages to suit you and your property’s needs. Our monitoring services ensure risks are covered and you are always Legionella-compliant.

We have corporately trained technicians across the UK ready to carry out the legionella remedial works needed to ensure your property fully complies with legislation and is safe.

Our certified installation professionals specialise in installing  new plumbing equipment and full plumbing systems, all tailored to meet legionella regulatory standards. We offer a complete legionella control service that spans the full spectrum of assessment, compliance, and system management.

As well as ensuring your heating systems are safe and free from legionella bacteria, our in-depth knowledge of water systems means we can provide you with energy saving advice and services that reduce your costs and contribute significantly to your organisation’s sustainable operations.

We deliver a range of cleaning and disinfection services, including thermal or chemical disinfection to remove legionella bacteria. Our service includes legionella cleaning and disinfection of hot and cold water systems, showers, taps, condensers, and pipe systems.


Understanding the legionella risks within your business with a full assessment

Our Legionella Risk Assessments will help to ensure you and your business are correctly protected and remain compliant with current safety regulations.

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