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The Impact of Cold Water Systems in Hot Weather

Warmer Weather 2 - The Impact Of Cold Water Systems In Hot Weather

With the weather improving as we finally feel like its summer, it’s worth thinking about the impact hot weather can have on water systems and temperature monitoring.   Warm weather and hot summer holidays, quite naturally, see an increased use of many water applications. hot tubs, showers are in greater demand in the summer, swimming […]

Legionella- The Impact on The Care Home Sector

Care Homes - Legionella- The Impact On The Care Home Sector

  A number of society’s demographics are more vulnerable to contracting Legionnaires’ disease than others, and those with a range of underlying health conditions are recognized as being very susceptible. And while observing other illnesses can lead to further clinical complications for those fighting legionella irrespective of age, it’s common knowledge among the medical profession […]

How to Prevent a Legionella Outbreak in your Factory or Warehouse

Warehouse Legionella Outbreak - How To Prevent A Legionella Outbreak In Your Factory Or Warehouse

As with any place of business, directors, duty holders and facility managers in factories and warehouses have a duty of care to their employees and visitors. The Health & Safety Executive’s Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) offers detailed advice on “identifying and assessing sources of risk, preparing a scheme to prevent or control risk, implementing, managing and […]

Leeds father, 44 years old dies with Legionnaires disease

Legionella Bacteria 1024X684 1 - Leeds Father, 44 Years Old Dies With Legionnaires Disease

Sadly, there has been another reported loss of life to Legionnaires disease in England  Heartbroken Leeds partner’s tribute to ‘one-in-a-million soul mate’ Martin Bohanna, 44, after sudden death – Leeds Live (leeds-live.co.uk) In this article we review the rare but serious lung condition known as Legionnaires’ disease looking at its diagnosis, treatment and consider whether […]

Controlling Legionella on Ships, Ferries & staycation boats

Js74905094 - Controlling Legionella On Ships, Ferries &Amp; Staycation Boats

When we hear about outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease, we tend to associate them with scenarios that occur on land – in hotels, hospitals, leisure centres etc. However, there are similar opportunities for Legionella bacteria to grow and spread at sea too. Ships, ferries, cruise liners and other maritime vessels of all shapes and sizes can […]