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Harcourt House, Tamworth

Key Success

To ensure we could offer the most efficient way of replacing the drainage stack, Legionella and Fire Safe Services, spoke to Polypipe Building Services and identified the Terrain FUZE system as the ideal solution.

Overview of project

Harcourt House is a 15-storey tower block in Tamworth. Completed in 1967,it has 60 apartments and is one of sixtower blocks on site owned by Tamworth Borough Council. This block had 6” cast iron soil vent pipes in-situ which were showing several signs of failure including splits within the cast and failing sealson the lower ground floor. Legionella and Fire Safe Services were brought in to workon this project because tenants had complained of bad smells due to leaks, often created through waste build-up within the pipework. But the age of the building meant that this was far from a straightforward project. The location of the original stack in a tight, awkward space meant that getting the new pipework in would be far from simple. The work was complicated further by changes to the layout of the flats down the years, including bathrooms being upgraded to wet rooms where the location of basins and toilets had been moved.
““Excellent – over the moon can’t thank the workmen enough”
“Excellent workmen top class”
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“Thank You for all you’ve done”
“No more nasty smells & blockages, so happy thank you””

Resident Feedback