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Flame Retardant Spraying

Key Success

Cost quoted to replace all carpets, curtains and seating furniture in Block: £54,279.12.
Cost spent on applying environmentally friendly flame retardant spray to all mentioned items: £8,545.00.

Overview of project

Legionella and Fire Safe Services have been working in conjunction with a market-leading manufacturer to provide a flame retardant solution that can be spray applied to Carpets, Curtains and Textiles. We have manufactured a full range of performant flame retardant products and coatings for technical textiles based on end use, manufacturing options and level of durability required. The selected products are applied by spray application by our qualified technicians.
“The purpose of the work is to provide a cost effective solution to recommendations to replace carpets, curtains and seating, from Fire Risk Assessments carried out in High Rise Sheltered Accommodation due to no test data or records being unavailable. Carpets used in high rise sheltered accommodation and flats are almost always manufactured from Polypropylene, Nylon or/and Acrylic which are both synthetic fibres from the plastic family of fibres and are manufactured from processing oil. These fibres are flammable by their nature and would produce high levels of black toxic smoke in any fire. Application of our flame retardant solution will greatly increase fire safety and significantly reduce fire and toxic smoke risk. Our latest and showcase project has been working in conjunction with Birmingham City Council to ensure their sheltered housing high rise schemes have completed any actions noted in their Fire Risk Assessments. It was highlighted on their most current assessment that the carpets and upholstery could not be proven to be Flame Retardant due to the time length of the carpets being in situ. Birmingham City Council responded by sourcing ourselves to quickly and effectively rectify the situation by working together to develop the correct product to ensure their compliance with BS 5287:1988.”