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Birmingham restaurant director jailed for ignoring fire safety warnings before massive blaze

The director of a Birmingham restaurant has been jailed last week after a probe into a massive blaze revealed the fire alarm had been switched off. A chef fled the flames at Pranzo in Warwick Road, Birmingham when the fire broke out on the morning of February 6, 2020.

It was the second fire involving the venue in less than two years, with the first, on September 16, 2018, also revealing a number of fire safety concerns. Qaissar Jamal, 66, was jailed for nine months and ordered to pay £15,000 costs.

He had previously admitted two breaches of fire regulations. The company Lala Bakery Ltd, which had admitted the same charges, was fined £80,000 and ordered to pay £30,000 costs.


Birmingham Crown Court heard a prohibition notice was issued after the first incident, which began outside when an attached fence caught fire, sending smoke inside. It was later withdrawn.

But 30 firefighters were called to the 2020 blaze, which sparked fears of people trapped inside, although no-one was injured. Darel Samat, prosecuting, said fire investigators found the panel on the main fire alarm system was in the switched off position and the source of electricity to it had also been turned off. It should have been tested weekly but had not been tested since December 2018, the court heard. There was also inadequate lighting and a fire door had holes in it.


Breaching fire safety regulations can have serious consequences for businesses. 

If a business is found to be in breach of the regulations, they run the risk of a sizeable fine and even prosecution.

Fire Safety Law – Are You Aware Of Your Responsibilities?

The Fire Safety Order is only in place to protect everyone. It helps businesses to follow good fire safety practices, can help to prevent fires and save everyone should a fire occur.

The risk of not meeting the Fire Safety Order can be costly. Not only to your wallet but to lives and livelihoods as well.

So ensure you are taking your responsibilities seriously. And make sure you’re doing everything in your power to protect your workforce, and everyone else.


Take action now to ensure you comply with fire safety law 


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